This will be my 3rd personal blog that I attempt to make. My 1st blog dies after changing the blog theme so many time without doing anything, 2nd one still in progress to get back the password and the email password. During that attempt, I decided to make this blog since time can not wait, and my head full of things to share.

I love being with people
I love singing, humming and sharing positive & motivate around the clock
I love visiting new places while trying delicious food and tasty drink
I love seeing nature painting and capture it with my eyes, my heart, phone and camera
I love live and I love being alive.

So here it is, note to myself and to you all my new friends, who visit my blog. Thank you for reading it, love to see your comment, see you again and happy reading.

Hugs and Warm Regards
Catatan si Kaki Pena