Life… I’m in love To The Sun

I love when the Sun Rise
When the warmth hugs me slowly and made me breath one more day
I love when the Sun Set
When the fading shine and giving me a cold, let me rest awhile with the night
I love The Sun
Make me wanna fly to the sky


Winds, winds… bring my wishes to the skies
Clouds, clouds… keep my wishes up to the highest places
Sun, sun… company my time while I’m wanderer out there.


Life, send my kisses to the sunrise for hugging me so warm and so tight
Life, time giving me more time to live, so grateful
Life, lend me your mountain your sea for my heart to be free and my mind wandered
Life, sunset company my day and send me the night guards, the moon, and stars.




The silent through morning and night make peaceful for those seek
The early morning bright and the dawn light in the afternoon calling all busy soul
Whisperer of the universe stomp every single life out there
Not even once they missed the honor to guard all life, given by precious time.




Sun, the significant guard
Among all the Universe guard, the sun leads me the way
The reason I  will always be thankful
For the sign from the sun, the sunshine reminds me I’m still alive.


Life… I’m in love to the Sun.

Si Kaki Pena


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