My Name is Daily – Bright Day

My name is Daily, this is my random thought:

People are different from all over the world
Their faces, skin color, race, gender, ethnic, language, believe, all different
Even identical twins have differences
The appearance can be so identical, but their heart?
Different… totally

We used to look the different among others
But why I see the same thing on all over places?
When I wake up in Jakarta, the sun so bright
Then I wake up in Papua, the sun brighter than I used to feel
Then I wake up in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand the sun is bright as usual
Then I wake up in Hongkong, it’s gloomy weather still the sun is shining
Then… I wake up in my bed, is dark!
knock…knock… *door knocking, my mom coming
“Wake up and open your curtain, sleepy head!”
Sraacckk… (curtain is slide aside)
Then It’s bright!

Morning you all and have a bright day 🙂

Si Kaki Pena


4 thoughts on “My Name is Daily – Bright Day

  1. Fix mba ini sih, tinggal nama!!! But actually I don’t believe that your name is daily. Because u’re more beautiful than daily. Eaaa gue ngegombal pake bahasa inggris, jgn tawain ye mba klo gue salah. Inggris seadanya gue itu buakakak *lah malah gue ngetawain diri sendiri*
    Btw foto nya nengok doong, ada gue nih lg ngajak ngomong. Bahaha.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Perasaan mah udah ngegombal itu, maklumin mba bukan cowo gombal *ngeclaim sendiri* *pake kacamata* 😎 hahaha
        Ngakak bacanya, yauda mba biar ga ditabok, ngelirik aja dikit bahaha. Nice blog anyway, salam kenal ya mba-nya. 🙂


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