Until We Meet Again…

I play and have fun as no time can stop
I live today not in the past nor in the future
I meet all my friends and new friends
I take a ride with roller coaster of life challenge
I try all the new things that curious me the most
I happen to love the way I live today.

But never in split second imagine this will end up now
All the time we spend can be vanish as thin as the air
There’re so many answers that I look for one question
No one reminds me this going to be this hard
None mention to me the squeezing feeling will be this hurt
I might be not in tears eyes, but bleeding in the heart
The fact that now you’ve gone.

Never even one time you ask my time to stop
Never even one moment you show that you were hurt
Never even once, in all promises we made you’ll mention the difficulty you had
Never even once, when we are together you look tired
Never even once… never…

Not even once, I can imagine this will be the end of our story
All our dreams, our wish, our promises now have to whisper to the wind
Time for you to go that I must continue in here
This might be the end for one side
Have a faith, when my time is coming, I will come to you, soon
Until we meet again… love

Si Kaki Pena


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