Strike When You Ready

Dance when you feel lonely
Sing when you feel empty
Eat and drink tasty when you feel sour
Laugh and jokes with other when you feel it’s the end of your life.

Show the world that you can do
And prove yourself you are a fire in the dark of the night
No one can stop what you feel
No one able to bear what you facing through
The life you choose follow with responsible with it
Others can comment you but never be the judge of you.

When they look down on you, it because they don’t know your strength
When they think they are the best, your learn moment started
When they move hassle discourage you, pay attention to creating your chances
When they set the barrier and obstacle, be bold the challenge is in your mark set go
Move when they move, learn, set back up, be prepared
The second time they move, strike and finished it
Chances coming, be prepared
Opportunity present for those who create.

There’s a time you need to learn, very hard
Able to do so, one must be open-minded
There’s no such thing ready as you born, everything has their own time
When you do strike, do the strike with all your mind and your heart
Strike when you ready, it’s your life anyway
When it’s success, it’s all about timing
And timing is just like trigger a weapon.

Experience, knowledge, practice, healthy, positive attitude are your weapon
Faith, believe, bold, consistent, persistent are your bullet
Network of friends and competitor are your trigger
Prepared your weapon when you ready and pull the trigger when you strike.

Si Kaki Pena


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